Jenny McClary and Allie Leepson

2019 Road Trip


Spring Road Trip

Partnership Opportunities


This Spring we are heading out on a three-week adventure to experience some places in our country we’ve never been to, as well as revisit some of our absolute favorites. We’ll be road tripping the entire way and documenting everything from start to finish.

We are partnering with some of our favorite brands to help show how their products have become a mainstay in our journeys.

We’re photographers and will deliver and share images that convey our passion for your product in a real way–not just staged for Instagram.

Because reach still matters, we have a combined following of about 9.5k across three Instagram channels.

@jennymcclary + @allieleepson + @wearethe1909


Major Locations

  • Badlands National Park

  • Deadwood

  • Colorado Springs

  • Garden of the Gods

  • Pikes Peak

  • Arches National Park

  • Canyonlands

  • Dead Horse Point

  • Capitol Reef National Park

  • Monument Valley

  • Grand Canyon

  • Saguaro National Park

  • White Sands National Park

  • Nashville, TN

    …and more in between


Meet the Team

Shiprock, NM

Shiprock, NM

Jenny + Allie

We are Jenny McClary and Allie Leepson, a wife-and-wife photography team with a never-ending obsession for adventure.

We met each other 10 years ago in New York City. That became our first home together for nearly a decade. We briefly left the city for Los Angeles in search of better access to nature, only to return to NYC a year later. We’ve recently moved to New England which finally feels right–coupled with lots of travel out west and beyond.

Allie is a lifelong photographer. She studied at Pratt Institute and later went on to shoot for luxury fashion brands, interiors, and travel clients. Prior to focusing solely on photography, Jenny helped luxury brands develop their visual and content strategy (primarily in the digital + social space). Now together, we specialize in travel, adventurous lifestyle, and interiors.

We also renovated a cabin in Vermont that we now share with other travelers via Airbnb.

Shot for Stetson

Shot for Stetson


In December of 2018, our family grew. We adopted an incredible German Shepherd puppy from Arkansas. She’s almost a year old and only 40 pounds (do mini German Shepherds exist?)!

Shortly after adopting Bryce (btw, she’s named after Bryce Canyon) we learned that she came from a terrible animal hoarding situation. She’s brave, but it’s taking her some time to learn that the world isn’t always a scary place. She’s a total love, curious, and very playful.

Her favorite things–besides snuggin’–are trail walks, running through streams, and hot dogs. We can’t wait to show her new landscapes.


Our Approach


The Beautiful

We’re visiting some of the most beautiful national parks in the country. Of course we’re gonna capture the good stuff!


The Weird

Our favorite stops on our road trips are the unexpected; the ones we end up at because we’ve just driven for far too long and have seen far too many billboards to not stop at the World’s Largest Easel.


The Real

We’ll show you the real moments. They might not be the photos that get 100,000 likes on Instagram, but they’re the ones that spark conversation. We’re excited to share our full story of road tripping for the first time with a dog, how we work along the way, how we cook dinners while we wait for the perfect light, etc.


Thanks for reading!

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